Jungle George


Fake Profile

Somebody has made a FB fake profile using the pictures that I’ve been posting…some old pictures from Holly Tree for exemple… I don’t want to put my watermark in the middle of the picture cuz this is ridiculous, but dude, create a fake profile is even more ridiculous…
So I think the real The Veronicas fans should report this kind of people.

Lisa and Sherman tweeted about fake profiles this week…
One word: RESPECT
If you dont respect yourself no-one else is going to respect you
Remember, The Veronicas (band)
they have their personal life, just like you!
Oficial JG pages, please NOTE, do not try add George, it’s his personal profile, you know what that means, right?
Power Pope Fanpage (Jungle George)  - Personal Profile

bad grammar? sorry for that!
my question is basically should I use watermarks?